We carry out all types of brake work i.e., fluid replacement, replacing brake pads, repair of brake imbalances, work on ABS, ESP, etc.


    We perform the installation and assembly of any component that requires your car audio equipment, car stereos, speakers, DVD's, power amplifiers, upholstered rear shelves, etc.


    Our equipment, with the latest tools and diagnostic devices, enables us to offer to our customers the most complete and professional diagnostic and repair service for any of the whole vehicle systems (engine, air conditioning, transmission, brakes, comfort, shocks, ...


    We perform diagnosis, maintenance and repair (mechanical, electricity and electronics) of diesel injection systems, including those equipped with rotating injection pumps as well as the newest models (Common rail, injector-pump, etc.).


    Battery, alternator, illumination and lighting, monitoring and repair of electrical installations, interior electrical equipment, spark plugs, starter, etc.


    We perform diagnostics, maintenance and repairs of the different electronic systems your vehicle is equipped with, multiplexed networks, control units, airbag, climate control, seat belts with pretenser, ABS, electronic stability control, electronic petrol and diesel injection, ignition systems, etc.


    Maintenance, repair, diagnosis and replacement of any exhaust system component, ducting, muffler, catalytic converters, particle filter (FAP), lambda probe, temperature probes, control of contaminating gas emissions, etc.


    We perform diagnosis, maintenance and repair of the different petrol injection systems including the older as well as the newest models.


    We carry out all types of preventive maintenance and repairs relative to the general mechanics of the vehicle i.e., the engine, brakes, climate control, suspension, steering, transmission systems (gear box and clutch), etc.


    We carry out a complete inspection of your vehicle that will guarantee it successfully passes the MOT inspection. We carry out a thorough inspection of those areas that are going to be inspected at the Vehicle Technical Inspection to ensure each of these areas is in perfect condition. If your vehicle must pass the MOT and you don’t have time to take it yourself; don’t worry, we will do it for you. We will take your vehicle to get inspected and return it to the workshop where you can pick it back up.


    Your vehicle must be subjected to predefined periodic inspections. The execution of these maintenance operations ensures you do not lose the warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer. This is covered in regulation 1400/2002, which includes the possibility of carrying out maintenance of vehicles under warranty outside the services provided by the official make without losing the warranty and using spares that are not those marketed by the vehicle manufacturer as long as these spares are of an equivalent quality.


    Replacement of the engine oil, filters, absorbers, starter, alternator, battery, exhaust pipes, timing belt, inspections, spark plugs, servicing of the air conditioning, windshield wipers, air filter, pollen filter, brake pads, etc.


    Replacement of tires, control of tire wear, cracks, impacts, tire pressure, aging, balance, repair of flats, etc. Diagnostics and repair of automatic pressure control systems.


    Body, wheels and tires, image and sound, light, electricity, exhaust, filters, ... products and services for your car tuning.


    We repair and replace your windshield and windows. Ask about our impacts system repair on windshield and save time and money.