• A

  • A/C

    Air conditioning

  • ABC

    Active suspension system that compensates for the oscillations of the frame while accelerating, braking or cornering (Active Body Control) (Mercedes)

  • ABD

    Automatic braking differential.Equivalent to EDS (Automatic Brake Differential) (Porsche)

  • ABR

    Antiblock brake system (Peugeot)

  • ABS

    Antiblock brake systemThe system prevents blocking of the tires during the braking action and the driver maintains control of the vehicle at all times during the braking.(Anti-Lock Brake System)

  • ACC

    Automatic Cruise Control. The system allows maintaining a constant speed automatically without the driver having to act on the accelerator.

  • ACE

    Active Cornering Enhancement (Land Rover)

  • ADB-X

    Autoblocking differential.The X stands for total traction (Automatic Differential Blocking)(BMW)

  • ADS

    Adapts the hardness of the suspension according to the type of driving and levels the height of the car frame to the ground (Adaptive Damping System)

  • AFL

    Adaptive Forward Lighting (Opel)

  • AFU

    Emergency Braking Assistance

  • AGS

    Adaptative Gearbox System (BMW)

  • AHBS

    Active Handling Brake System (Chevrolet)

  • AHR

    Active Head Restraint

  • AIC

    System that controls the speed of the windshield wipers according to the intensity of the rain and they are automatically turned on by the first drops of rain.

  • ALB

    Anti-lock Brake (Honda)

  • APS

    Acoustic parking system

  • AQS

    Measures the quality of the air and activates air circulation (Air Quality System)

  • ASC

    Anti-slip system

  • ASC+T

    (Automatische Stabilitäts Control + Traktion) Traction control that acts simultaneously on the brake anti-blocking system, the drive wheel and the engine management system to reduce power (Active Stability Control + Traction) (BMW)

  • ASF

    Aluminium structures on the frame(Audi Space Frame)(Audi)

  • ASP

    Anti-slip system

  • ASR

    Anti-slip system

  • ASC

    Accelerator Skid Control

  • ATTS

    Active Torque Transfer System similar to an autoblocking differential (Honda)

  • Avant

    Audi nomenclature for family vehicles

  • AWD

    All Wheel Drive

  • AWS

    All Wheel Steering

  • B

  • BAS

    Emergency braking system (Mercedes)

  • C

  • CAT

    Catalytic Converter

  • CATR

    Regulated catalytic converter

  • CATS

    Computer Active Technology Suspension (Jaguar)

  • CBC

    ABS function that compensates for any destabilizing movement caused by the normal movement of the axle when brakes are applied in a curve. Cornering brake control

  • CC

    Automatic locks

  • CDI

    (Common Rail Diesel Direct Injection (Mercedes))

  • CDS

    Prevent skidding or loss of control in curves, braking independent from the wheels ((Contrôle Dynamique Stabilité) (Peugeot))

  • Climatronic

    Electronically regulated air conditioning equipment

  • Coupé

    Two-door sports car

  • CSV

    Understeer control (Renault)

  • CV

    Horse power (1 HP = 0.735 kW)

  • CVT

    Constant Variation Transmission

  • CX

    Coefficient that measures the resistance of the vehicle against the air

  • D

  • D4-D

    Diesel direct injection engine (Toyota)

  • DBC

    Emergency braking system (BMW)

  • DCI

    Diesel direct injection engine (Renault)

  • DI

    Diesel direct injection engine (Opel)

  • DI-D

    Diesel direct injection engine (Mitsubishi)

  • DiTD

    Diesel direct injection engine (Mazda)

  • DOHC

    Double Over Head Camshaft

  • DPF

    Particle filter for diesel engines

  • DSA

    Car suspension assembly (Opel)

  • DSA

    Dynamic Stability Assistance (Volvo)

  • DSA

    It inflates the airbag in two stages depending on the severity of the impact (Dual Stage Airbag) (Volvo)

  • DSC

    Dynamic stability control (BMW)

  • DSC

    Prevents skidding or loss of control in curves, braking independent from the wheels (Dynamic Stability Control) (BMW)

  • DSTC

    Prevent skidding or loss of control in curves, braking independent from the wheels (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) (Volvo)

  • DSTC

    Stability control system (Volvo)

  • DTI

    Diesel direct injection (BMW)

  • E

  • EBA

    Emergency Braking Assistance (Ford)

  • EBD

    Electronic Brake Force Distribution The system electronically regulates the distribution of brake pressure between the front and rear axles. (Electronic Brake force Distribution)

  • EBS

    Distributes the brake force according to the load applied to the front and rear axles (Electronic Brakeforce System)

  • EBV

    Distributes the brake force according to the load applied to the front and rear axles (Electronic Brakeforce Variable)

  • EC

    Electrochrome rear view mirrors- They dim automatically to prevent glare (BMW)

  • ECC

    Electronic climate control where only the desired temperature is selected (Opel)

  • ECS

    Varies the hardness of the shock absorbers according to the terrain and type of driving (Electronic Control Suspension)

  • ECTV

    Automatic Constant Variation Transmission

  • EDC

    Device that regulates the hardness of the shock absorbers (Electronic Damping Control) (BMW)

  • EDC

    Electronic diesel engine management system (Mercedes)

  • EDS

    Electronic Differential Slippery

  • EGR

    Decreases the emission of contaminant by re-circulating the exhaust gases back into the intake (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

  • EHB

    Bosh electro-hydraulic brake that converts the force exerted by the driver on the brake pedal into an electric signal. Using this signal along with other data, the electronic brake control system independently processes the brake force required for each wheel.

  • EHV

    Particularly unstable glass which will resist the impact of a hammer and an axe (BMW)

  • EPG

    Glass with a special plastic laminate for side and rear windows. Protects against theft, protects the occupants of the vehicle in case of an accident, reduces the heat and traffic noise inside and blocks ultraviolet radiation. (Enhanced Protective Glass)

  • EPS

    Electric Power Steering (Opel)

  • ESBS

    Electronic Stability Braking System

  • ESC

    Electronic Stability Control (Jaguar)

  • ESP

    Prevent skidding or loss of control in curves, braking independent from the wheels (Electronic Stability Program)

  • ETC

    (Electronic Traction Control (Rover)

  • ETS

    (Electronic Traction Support (Mercedes)

  • EWS

    Vehicle immobiliser system that uses an electronic code to start the vehicle (BMW)

  • F

  • FAP

    Particle filter that reduces contaminating emissions (Filter A Particles) (Peugeot)


    Includes all the vehicle’s safety elements (Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology) (BMW)

  • FMH

    The vehicle’s headlights remain on for 30 seconds after the car has been closed. (Follow Me Home)

  • FPS

    Disconnects the starter cable from the battery to prevent short-circuits in case of an accident (Fire Protection System) (Fiat)

  • FIS

    On-board computer (system that provides information to the driver)

  • G

  • GDI

    Gasoline direct injection engines (Mitsubishi) (Petrol Direct Injection)

  • GPS

    Global Positioning System

  • GT

    Gran Turismo

  • GTI

    Gran Turismo Injection

  • H

  • HDC

    Hill Descend control to prevent losing traction during prolonged descents

  • HRS

    Power steering with a variable power depending on the speed

  • HUD

    Projecting of information on the windshield just like in fighter jet aircraft (Chevrolet)

  • Hypertronic

    Automatic Constant Variation Transmission (Nissan)

  • HDI

    Diesel direct injection (Common Rail)

  • HPI

    Petrol direct injection engines (Peugeot)(high Pressure Injection)

  • I

  • IC

    Head airbag (Inflate Curtain) (Volvo)

  • ICCS

    Automatic Cruise Speed control; a radar and infrareds measure the distance between two points and adjusts the speed to the distance

  • IDE

    Petrol engine direct injection (Renault)

  • IDS

    System that interconnects the ESP, ABS and the traction and steering controls. Interactive Driving System (OPEL)

  • ISIS

    Integrated Safety intelligent system. Coordinates all of the vehicle’s safety elements (BMW)


    Anchoring points for child seats

  • ITS

    Side airbags that deploy diagonally towards the side windows to protects occupants in case of a lateral impact. (Inflatable Tubular Structure) (BMW)

  • J

  • JTD

    Diesel direct injection Common rail (uniJet Turbo Diesel)

  • K


    Electronic card similar to a credit card that replaces the key.

  • Kick-down

    System used in automatic transmissions to reduce one or two speeds when the driver presses the gas pedal to the floor. Acts automatically without having to actuate the stick shift and is used to reduce the vehicle’s acceleration time when full power is demanded by the driver.

  • kW

    Kilowatt (1 KW = 1.359 HP)

  • L

  • LSD

    Differential electronic blocking (Toyota)

  • M

  • MPV

    Multi-purpose vehicles such as minivans, family vehicles, etc. (Multi Purpose Vehicles)

  • Mulitronic

    Automatic Constant Variation Transmission (Audi)

  • MSR

    Tire ground traction control system caused by an excessive torque resistance from the engine when a severe reduction occurs. (Motor Skid Regulation)

  • N

  • NATS

    Engine electronic anti-theft system (Nissan)

  • NBA

    Brake assistance system like the BAS (Nissan Brake Assistance) (Nissan)

  • NCAP

    (New Car Assessment Program) Organisation created to control and standardize a type of crash test used by the European Union.

  • NVCS

    Nissan Valve Timing Control System.

  • P

  • PATS

    Engine electronic anti-theft system (Ford)

  • PDC

    Park Distance Control System

  • PRS

    Safety system consisting in disengaging the pedals in case of impacts to prevent injury (Opel)

  • PSM

    Anti-skid system that acts on the brakes independently from the wheels to prevent losing control in curves. (Porsche) (Porsche stability Management)

  • PSS

    Programmed Suspension System for soft, normal or sport (Ford)

  • PTS

    Parking control system where an acoustic signal warns the driver of the presence of an obstacle (Mercedes) (Park Tronic System)

  • Q


    Sequential gearbox (Alfa Romeo)

  • Quattro

    Four wheel drive

  • R

  • RDC

    Control system that controls the tire pressure when its temperature increases excessively (Reifen Druck Control) (BMW)

  • RDS

    (Radio Data System) System that emits radio waves carrying a digital data signal. The system allows identifying the station by name, maintain it tuned even though it changes location on the dial (when changing stations during a trip), interrupt the station’s broadcast when traffic information is being broadcast, and locate a station with better reception among other functions.

  • Roadster

    Two-seat convertible

  • S

  • SAFE

    Brake assist system (Renault)

  • SBK

    Disconnects the starter cable from the battery to prevent short-circuits in case of an accident (BMW)

  • SCPN

    Controls the tire pressure


    Side airbags (Audi)

  • SLA

    Independent suspension with an short upper arm and a lower long arm (Short Long Arm)

  • SRP

    Global safety concept that coordinates all the safety elements (Renault)

  • SUV

    Off road / on road vehicles (Sport Utility Vehicles)

  • SAHR

    Active headrests that can be raised and moved forward to prevent cervical injuries (Saab) (Saab Active Head Restraint)

  • SAS

    Side impact protection

  • SDI

    Diesel (direct injection)

  • SIPS

    Side impact protection

  • SIPS

    Side impacts protection system It is comprised of a safety structure that distributes the force in case of a side collision by using crossbars and reinforcements on the structure. It is complemented with side airbags. (Side Impact Protection System) (Volvo)

  • SLS

    Self-levelling pneumatic rear suspension that maintains the height regardless or the load (Self Levelling Suspension)

  • SMM

    Seats with electronic memory position (Ford)

  • Spoiler

    Deflectors to increase ground traction.

  • SPR

    Global functionality that coordinates all the safety elements (Renault)

  • SRS

    Acronym used by some manufacturers to refer to front airbags in combination with safety belts with pretensers (Supplementary Restraint System)

  • SSP

    Safety belt that limits the negative acceleration suffered by passengers in case of a collision. The belt anchor deforms at a specific load, absorbing part of the energy that is exerted on the passenger's body. (Programmed Restraint System) (Renault)

  • SSPP

    Tire pressure control system (Système surveillance pression pneus)

  • T

  • TCS

    Traction control system that prevents drive wheels from skidding due to an excess of power.

  • TDCI

    Second generation diesel direct injection engines (Ford)

  • TDDI

    Diesel direct injection engine (Ford)

  • TDI

    Nomenclature used by some manufacturers for their over-fed Diesel direct injection vehicles.

  • Tiptronic

    Automatic gearbox

  • Touring

    BMW family vehicle

  • TPS

    The tire pressure control system uses some sensors housed in the tire valves, which activate in case of pressure loss. (Tire Pressure System)

  • TPMS

    The tire pressure control system uses some sensors housed in the tire valves, which activate in case of pressure loss. (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)


    Vehicle skid control

  • TSP

    Stabilization system for trailers included in the ESP of some vehicles. (Trailer Stability Program)

  • Turnier

    Ford family vehicle

  • V


    Variable valve timing system consisting in moving the depth of the camshaft using the oil pressure from the lubricating system. (Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung) (BMW)

  • Variant

    VW family vehicle

  • VDC

    Term used by Fiat for the stability control system

  • VDV

    System that acts on the wheels, applying brakes to them independently to prevent skids or loss of control of the vehicle in curves (Alfa Romeo)

  • VTCS

    Vehicle skid control

  • VTEC

    Variable valve timing system used by Honda in their cars. (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System)

  • VVC

    Variable Valve Control

  • VVT-i

    Variable valve timing system (Toyota) (Variable Valve Timing injection)

  • W


    Active headrests

  • X

  • Xenón

    Xenon headlights